Types Analysis Phase

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The first stage is to analyse the content you want to present on a site. The purpose of this analysis is to identify four key components of your ontology. These are:

1.Determining the Subject Types. Identifying the principal types of the subjects that your site content is about.
2.Determining The Content Types. Identifying the principal types of content on your site.
3.Determining Association Types. Identifying the ways in which the different subjects of your site are related to on another.
4.Determine Occurrence Types. Identifying the additional information that you might want to present about the subjects of your site.
5.Define Hierarchies. Identifying the hierarchies that organise site subjects.

You may find it easiest to either list this information in a spreadsheet or draw it in a diagram. If you are familiar with the UML notation, we find that this is a useful way of diagramming your ontology during the analysis phase.