Topic Map Consistency Checker

Topic Map Consistency Checker

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The Topic Map Consistency Checker is a utility that ensures that the topic map, managed by TMCore is sychronized and consistent with the EPiServer page model. Under normal operation, using this utility will not be necessary. However, it is possible that consistency may be broken due to several operational reasons (the most likely being that pages were created before the TMCore EPiServer Module was installed, or that TMCore was offline at the time that changes occurred within EPiServer).

The consistency checker has two modes of operation.

1.Check and Report - where consistency errors are displayed in the text box below the button to activate the checker. This is the default.
2.Check and Fix - where consistency errors are displayed in the same way as before, but also fixed by making a series of calls to TMService.

Consistency Checker Panel

The Apply Fixes checkbox indicates that Check and Fix is active.

The Start from Page text box allows the user to set the page that will be checked. This is automatically set to be the start page of the website; however you may change this to be any page ID that you require. The Check Children check box, if checked, tells the consistency checker to check all the children of the page recursively for consistency errors.

This means that by default clicking the Run Consistency Checker will check all the pages in EPiServer from the start page and downwards and only report on fixes that are required for consistency.

When the consistency checker is run, it may take several minutes, depending on the speed of your machine and the number of pages within EPiServer. For very large sites it may be better to check consistency one subsection at a time by using the Start from Page text box to start from pages below the site start page. Below is shown an example output from a consistency check:

Start Page(3) does not have an nptopictype property.

People(68) has an topicTypeSI property, so it represents a schema topic.  Names will not be checked or updated.

Andrew Turley(58) has no page link occurrence, will add: /EPi/en/People/Andrew Turley/

Andrew Turley(58) requires a new name: Andy Brodie

Checked 35 pages and found 1 page(s) requiring updating with a total of 2 operations for consistency repairs.

At the bottom you can see the total number of pages that are inconcistent with the topic map, and the number of operations that must be executed against TMService to repair. Note that not every message indicates a problem that was found, the following messages are simply notifications that the consistency checker has ignored part of a topic, or does not need to check a page against a topic:

Start Page(3) does not have an nptopictype property.

People(68) has an topicTypeSI property, so it represents a schema topic.  Names will not be checked or updated.

If the user has request that fixes are applied to the map, then a series of TMService transactions are passed up to the topic map server (one transaction is submitted per page). If any problems occur during the application of fixes, you should consult the EPiServer log to determine why the consistency checker was unable to apply the fixes.