TopicCreating & TopicCreated

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The TopicCreating and TopicCreated events are fired just before and after a topic is created that represents a page in EPiServer. During the event handler for the TopicCreating event you may make changes to the topic before it is passed to TMCore.

The following programming example, taken from a global.asax.cs file adds a new occurrence to each topic as it is created using the TopicCreating event, then verifies it's existence on the TopicCreated event.

protected void Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e)


  // Other application startup code goes here


  // Register our event handlers

  TopicMapEventHandler.Instance.TopicCreating += new TopicMapEventHandler.TopicEventHandler(Instance_TopicCreating);

  TopicMapEventHandler.Instance.TopicCreated += new TopicMapEventHandler.TopicEventHandler(Instance_TopicCreated);



void Instance_TopicCreating(object sender, TopicEventArgs tea)


  // On TopicCreating, add an occurrence to the topic being constructed

  NetworkedPlanet.WebServiceClient.Tmws.Occurrence newOccurrence = new Occurrence(); // from serviceclient.dll

  newOccurrence.resourcedata = "A description of the topic " + tea.topic.names[0].namestring;

  newOccurrence.type = new TopicRef();

  newOccurrence.type.psi = "";

  Occurrence[] newOccurrences = new Occurrence[tea.topic.occurrences.Length + 1];

  Array.Copy(tea.topic.occurrences, 0, newOccurrences, 1, tea.topic.occurrences.Length);

  newOccurrences[0] = newOccurrence;

  tea.topic.occurrences = newOccurrences;



void Instance_TopicCreated(object sender, TopicEventArgs tea)


  // On topic created log the description occurrence

  ILog log = LogManager.GetLogger(MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().DeclaringType);

  foreach (Occurrence occ in tea.topic.occurrences)


    if (occ.type != null && occ.type.psi == "")


      log.Info("Found description after topic created: " + occ.resourcedata);