Content Definitions

Content Definitions are used by Orchard CMS to build the display of different content types within the website. As Orchard is unaware of the different types of entities that can be contained within our datasets, we have introduced a mapping tool which hooks data of various types to content definitions that you can define within the admin panel.

Creating a custom Content Definition

Navigate to the Orchard “Content Definition” section and click the “Create new type” button.

Choose a name for the content definition, this also automatically creates a Content Type Id.

Create a new Orchard content definition

Mapping the content definition to a data entity

After creating the content definition, you are redirected to the content parts selection screen. Here choose the “Data Platform Class Mapping” content part and then click Save.

Add the Data Platform content part to the definition.

Setup content definition properties

Make sure to set these properies on the newly created content definition:

  1. Deselect “Creatable”
  2. Deselect “Draftable”
  3. Expand the “Data Platform Class Mapping” and enter the full URI of the entity’s type (i.e. the value of the triple with the predicate )
  4. Click “Save”
Set the properties on the content definition.