Data Platform Landing Page

The Data Platform page is the main landing page for creating datasets, listing datasets, accessing the Address Book and viewing Background Tasks.


Remember to Publish your data platform using this page when you want your data resources to be accessible from the public-facing side of your site.

Datasets List

Datasets can be created by clicking the “New Dataset” button on the Data Platform page.

Data Platform Main Page



The title and permalink are restricted and cannot be edited as they are used for all data resource identifiers.


Add a meaningful description of your data site - if added, this will be displayed to users along with the list of datasets on the forward-facing data landing page.

Address Book

Each dataset has metadata properties for Creator, Publisher and Contributor. These properties can be filled with contacts from the Address Book - which can then be used in any dataset created on the Data Platform.

To access the Address Book, navigate to the Orchard Dashboard and click on Data Platform and then on the page displayed, click on the Address Book tab.

There are two contact types, Person and Organization. Select the correct type for the contact you are adding, and fill in the fields for Label, Mailbox, Home Page, First Name* and Last Name*. Once saved to the Address Book, these contacts will then be available from the metadata pages of any dataset.


First Name and Last Name are only available on the Person contact type.


Background Tasks

A number of different processes are run as background tasks to avoid holding up the navigation of the Data Platform administration. These are potentially long running tasks such as data upload and import, creation of data dumps, and calculation of dataset statistics.

In the background tasks tab, you can view the status of these tasks to check for completion and/or any errors if a task has failed to complete for any reason.