The Team

Kal Ahmed
Jen Williams
Lea Gorgulu Webb

Kal Ahmed

Kal on LinkedIn

Kal is the founder of NetworkedPlanet and our standards-geek-in-chief. He spent all of his working life on standards-based document, information and data management. He is a systems architect, technical consultant and programmer.

Jen Williams

Jen on LinkedIn

Jen is a software developer and data consultant who has been with NetworkedPlanet since 2009. Based in Bristol, she's an ODI Registered Trainer, a member of the Bristol Open Data steering group, Open Data Camp UK organising team, and is launching a Tech4Good Bristol branch in 2017.

Lea Gorgulu Webb

Lea on LinkedIn

Lea Gorgulu Webb is our policy analyst/data strategist. With a background in law, civil rights, social services, and business, she brings a wide range of skills and insight to her work. She oversees our impact evaluation projects and provides educational events and workshops for charities and social enterprises.

Our History

  • Preview release of DataDock goes live - a free, cloud-based, standards-compliant, open data publishing platform.
  • Addition of professional programme evaluation services to bridge the knowledge gap between the tech and social service providing worlds.
  • LevelUp - a free service for converting CSV to RDF is released.
  • NetworkedPlanet announces Data Platform 1.0 - a complete solution for creating a data publishing website.
  • BrightstarDB source code released as open-source under the MIT license.
  • BrightstarDB, a native .NET RDF triple store is first released.
  • TMCore is powering 40 sites across Europe including the International Olympics Committee, the Peace Research Institute Oslo, and the Norwegian Post Office.
  • Integrations with EPiServer CMS and Microsoft SharePoint are released, extending TMCore's capability to effectively manage the classification of content on both intranet and public-facing websites.
  • Our first product, TMCore is released, providing a suite of tools for creating and managing domain knowledge models.
  • NetworkedPlanet was established to develop Semantic Web software with a focus on helping businesses to manage domain knowledge and content.