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Stakeholder Engagement in Data Sharing

20 Apr 2017

When working on large collaborative projects, who is the stakeholder... today?

Working from home survey

13 Apr 2017

The following short survey will be used to analyse links between working from home and feelings of effective work.

The Way Ahead - Data Sharing

12 Apr 2017

The Way Ahead proposes a system that puts London’s communities at the heart of the way we all work. It begins with co-producing an understanding of need and how to tackle it with our communities, through to better sharing of intelligence and data across all sectors.

DataDock and CSVW

01 Mar 2017

Getting into the technical breakdown of how DataDock works, first we'll take a look at its use of "CSV on the Web" (CSVW)

Connecting the dots in your data

01 Mar 2017

One of the benefits of having a deep-dive data portal is that you can connect your data together and enrich your data pages

Introducing DataDock

28 Feb 2017

Publishing good quality data has technical and financial hurdles, so we're releasing a free cloud-based data publishing platform to directly deal with these challenges