Chess Knight

Building data strategies

A data strategy takes into account the whole life-cycle of the data in your organisation. It starts with your goals and determining what data you need to use to meet those goals. It goes both upstream to analyze and improve data collection; and downstream to formalise the insights and knowledge captured from data and to determine the impact of changes in the way you capture and use data.

Every strategy must include safeguards and comply with data protection and copyright laws. By tackling these issues as part of your data strategy, you can then identify what data could potentially be made open, and what data must remain closed.

A living data strategy is a feedback loop that is continually adjusted to account for new data, new uses for data and new actions and insights derived from combining your data with other data sources.

We can help you develop a holistic data strategy, and provide ongoing support at whatever level you need.

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Taking control of your data

As the volume of data inside an organisation grows it quickly becomes critical to get control over it. An effective data strategy is a good place to start, but it is also necessary to get processes in place and the technical details right.

We can use our experience to help you create the right processes for managing and sharing your data both internally and externally. We can help you deploy the best tools for cataloguing your data, for data analysis and for publishing and reporting to enable all stakeholders to get maximum value from your data.

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Use Open Data With Confidence

Open data is data published by organizations, governments and individuals with a license that enables free reuse. A wide variety of open data is already available, from international development statistics to local bus timetables.

Open data potentially provides valuable context and extensions to your data, but to get the best value from it you need to understand how to choose the right open data and how to integrate it effectively with your own data. This involves technical, legal and procedural challenges that we can guide you through.

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Rosie The Riveter

Strengthening Your Data Team

Data teams come in various shapes, sizes, and forms. Whether a department of professionals for gathering data and analysing it for insights, or small teams of service providers learning how to collect data and present basic findings, we can advise and support your team.

We offer full consultancy, technical services, and training. For larger teams, we can introduce new technology that will allow the better use and management of data and integration with open data.

For smaller teams, we offer training in accessing and using open and linked data, and support for funding agencies, which allows linkage of data between many organisations.

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