Configuration Checker

Configuration Checker

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The configuration checker performs a rudimentary check on the configuration options to ensure that they are valid. The following options are checked:

1.The URL to the TMService endpoint (NP_TM_TMWS_Endpoint). The configuration checker will make a simple call to TMService to ensure that the correct response is received.
2.The name of the topic map (NP_TM_TopicMapName). The configuration checker will ensure that the topic map exists and is available through TMService.
3.The path to the static content used by the AJAX controls (NP_TM_ASPNET_CLIENT_Base), by attempting to read one of the files from this base path.

If any configuration problems are detected, they will be shown in the text box below . A success configuration check illustration is shown below.


If configuration checking fails, then you may find it useful to examine the EPiServer log file as diagnostic information will be output by the configuration checker as to the nature of the exception or error received when attempting to confirm the configuration correctness.