Install logging configuration file (optional)

Install logging configuration file (optional)

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EPiServer uses log4net for providing diagnostic log and trace information for administrators. Log4net is apart of the Apache Logging Services project. The TMCore EPiServer Module also uses log4net for outputting details log and trace information. All TMCore EPiServer Module logging output is done through loggers starting with the string NetworkedPlanet.EPiServerModule.

If you wish to trace what is happening in EPiServer and the TMCore EPiServer Module then you may enable logging for EPiServer web application. To do this either add a logger for NetworkedPlanet or use the provided file as follows:

1.Place the config/EPiServerlog.config file in to the root of the EPiServer web application directory. Ensure that the ASP.NET (or the identity under which IIS will execute the application) has read access to this file.
2.Create a log directory under the EPiServer web application directory.
3.Grant full control to the EPiServer site application pool identity.

Full documentation on log4net is available from