Reading This Documentation

Reading This Documentation

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The documentation is split up into several different sections each targeted to a specific kind of user.

For a general overview of the TMCore EPiServer Module you should start with this introductory section and read about the TMCore EPiServer Module Design and then depending on your interest read the other sections described below.

If your interest is in building a domain-specific data model to be used for a website, we recommend you start by reading the Ontology Development Guide for information on how to go about the analysis and development of the domain model.

If you are going to be developing page types and templates for the site or integrating other data sources into the TMCore EPiServer Module, then you should read the Developers' Guide for details about our APIs and how to create queries.

If you are going to be creating content on the site then you should read the Editors' Guide which describes how to use the EPiServer plugin features provided by the TMCore EPiServer Module to connect pages to topics and to each other.

Finally if you are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the site you should read through the Installation Guide and Administrators' Guide.