Evaluation, Open Data, and Linked Data Training

"The best way to make sure you’re finding maximum insights, is to make sure that you and your team are confident in your understanding of the options and technologies for using data." - The Team

Training Courses


Company Training

For Data Management Professionals:

We host training days for more in-depth training about Open Data, Linked Data, and consuming or publishing datasets. These courses run over 1 or 2 days for no more than 20 attendees - and cover both the fundamentals of Open Data and Linked Data, as well as covering more in-depth topics such as how to produce a Data Analysis Report of your organisation’s data, the tools available to work with Open Data, and how to consume Open and Linked Data in your apps and visualisations.

For Organisation Management Professionals:

We host day-long or half-day workshops for more in-depth training about: Creating a Culture of Evidence Informed Decision Making, Designing Data Strategies (collection to analysis), and Using and Producing Open/Linked Data and Concerns about Data Protection. In our live workshops, participants get to work on issues they are facing within their organisations, to leave with solutions and plans in place for improving their organisation.

For Groups Within Organisations:

Need your whole team to come to one of our training courses? Rather than wait for a date and then paying to send people to us, we offer bespoke training courses at your offices for up to 15 people. These courses are done on a case-by-case basis, so get in touch with us to discuss your particular requirements and we’ll tailor our course content to suit your needs.

Free webinars

We offer free webinars that cover introductory material and concepts. These include data strategy concepts as well as the basics of the technologies involved with Linked and Open Data, such as RDF and SPARQL. After watching these webinars you will be better equipped to:

  • lead your organisation to use new, more logical and efficient methods for evaluation - watch on Youtube
  • plan an internal data portal of Linked Data, sharing data within a controlled environment
  • begin offering Open Data
  • upgrade existing published 3-star Open Data to 5-star Linked Open Data
  • future-proof your organisation’s current evaluation and data roadmaps