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The TMCore EPiServer Module is a suite of components that allows developers to add the power of the Topic Maps standard to their EPiServer website. Using the TMCore EPiServer Module, you can:

Connect EPiServer pages together with strongly typed two-way links called associations. With this facility it is possible to group pages together in other ways than simply using the EPiServer tree.
Connect EPiServer pages to a predefined set of terms, taxonomy or structured data model for a domain. This can be particularly powerful when the source of the term set or taxonomy is some external system. Using this facility it is possible to create web pages in EPiServer for each of the items in the term set so that the user of the site can search for and browse to the page that represents the term. From there it is then possible to use the facility for linking pages together to present the user with all pages related to the term.
Create unique semantic queries across data and pages. Taken one step further it is possible to use the topic map to store all kinds of domain-specific information that you may not want to publish on the site, but which can be used to drive the structure and content of pages. You can use the power of TMCore to store almost any kind of domain information structured as a collection of topics with associations between them. Using the EPiServer Module, editors can then connect pages to the domain topics and developers can make use of SQL to create queries that cross from a page through the structure of the domain information and return a resulting set of related pages.