TMCore Engine API Guide

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Conventions Used
Summary Of Changes
Changes In TMCore07 SP3
Changes In TMCore07
Changes Prior To TMCore07
2. Before You Get Started
3. TMCore API Programming Kickstart
Compiling and Running the Examples
APIExample1 : Creating a topic map with topics and associations
Running The Example
APIExample2 : Working With Indexes
Running The Example
APIExample3 : Reading And Writing XTM with IXTMProcessor
Running The Example
APIExample4: Using TMRQL
Running The Example
APIExample5: Using The ApplicationOntology Cache
Running The Example
4. TMCore API Overview
5. Core API
ITopicMapSystem and TopicMapSystemFactory
Other ITopicMapSystem Methods
ITopicMapObject And Its Derived Interfaces
Containment and Object Creation and Removal
Mapping TMCore Interfaces And Properties to XTM Elements And Attribute
Concurrent Modification
Topic Merging
6. Indexes
The IIndex Interface
The Core Indexes
7. Importing and Exporting XTM Files
8. TMCore System Utilities
Change Notification
Database Considerations
The ApplicationOntology Object
How the ApplicationOntology Works
Configuring The Application Ontology
Using the ApplicationOntology
Creating and Accessing Topic Hierarchies
Creating a Hierarchy
Using The HierarchyManager API
Hierarchy Manager Example
9. Querying
Using TMCore Public Views And Functions
Executing Queries
Other Options For Working With Results Sets
Querying Efficiently
Limiting Data Read In A Results Row
Performing Query Analysis
Use The ApplicationOntology Cache Object
10. Fast Topic Map Updates with the TransactionalPersistenceManager
Transactional API Usage
Basic Usage Pattern
Using the Tranactional API and Query API
Updating Topic Characteristics
Wildcards in Transaction Operations
Cautions On Use
Sample code
11. The NetworkedPlanet Constraint Language (NPCL)
Key Concepts
Superclass-Subclass Inheritance
Scoping Topics
schema Element
abstractType Element
occurrenceType Element
associationType Element
roleType Element
scopingTopic Element
subclasses Element
NPCL Topic Map Ontology
NPCL Meta Types
Constraint Topics
12. The NPCL Constraints API
Representation Of The NPCL Model
API Operations
Creating A Schema
Retrieving Information From A Schema
Saving A Schema
Loading A Schema
A Dynamic Schema Interface
Generating A Schema From A Topic Map
Example Code
13. Duplicate Removal
What Is Duplicate Information?
Duplicate Information on a Topic
Duplicate Information on an Association
Duplicate Associations
Duplicate Removal Procedures
14. Logging

List of Figures

8.1. Defining A Hierarchy Model
12.1. NPCL Containment Hierarchy

List of Tables

5.1. ITopicMapSystem Configuration Properties
6.1. TMAPI Core Indexes
8.1. Topic PSIs for Topic Hierarchies
11.1. NPCL Meta Types
11.2. Occurrence Type Value Facets
11.3. NPCL Constraint Topic Types
11.4. Minimum And Maximum Cardinality Facet Meanings
11.5. Associations Required To Specify An Occurrence Constraint
11.6. Associations Used To Specify A Role Player Constraint
11.7. Associations Required To Specify An Association Role Constraint
12.1. Interfaces Representing the NPCL Model
12.2. NPCL API Examples

List of Examples

3.1. Creating a Topic Map
3.2. Topic Map Application Configuration File
3.3. Safely Creating a Topic Map
3.4. Creating and Populating Topics
3.5. Creating and Populating Associations
3.6. Looping over Topics and Associations
3.7. Accessing Topic Data
3.8. The Main Program Flow
3.9. Creating the Topic Map Ontology
3.10. Using Indexes
3.11. Listing All Topic Types
3.12. Reading An XTM File
3.13. Writing An XTM File
5.1. A simple .config file for a TMCore Application
7.1. Examples of Importing Into TMCore
9.1. Using ITMCoreDataReader
9.2. Using ExecuteQuery(string, IList)
9.3. Using ExecuteQuery(string, Hashtable)
11.1. XTM For A Topic Type
11.2. An Abstract Topic Type
11.3. Occurrence Type Value Facets In XTM
11.4. Topic Type Scoping Facets In XTM
11.5. The Arc Label Facet Expressed in XTM Syntax
11.6. Example Occurrence Constraint
11.7. A Role Player Constraint Specified In XTM
11.8. An Association Role Constraint in XTM
12.1. C# Code To Create An NPCL Schema
12.2. Writing a Schema as XML
12.3. Writing A Schema Into A Topic Map
12.4. Reading A Schema
12.5. Generating An NPCL Schema File From A Topic Map
12.6. Generating And Adding Schema Information To A Topic Map