We have just refreshed Subj3ct.com with Beta 2. We have tried to incorporate the feedback we have had as well as adding some things we think are useful. The highlights are:

  • Support for OpenID for signing in

  • Ability to create and publish identifiers and indicator pages from with the Subj3ct portal

  • A changes feed that can be used to aggregate whats happening in Subj3ct

  • Embeddable snippets (RDFa, SKOS etc) on each subject record page that can be used to tag a page with a given subject.

  • The start of a user community that currently supports user search

  • Ability to process SKOS feeds

  • Ability to register feeds without creating an account (this allows users to reference existing SKOS vocabularies that they don’t own)

  • Updated statistics on the home page and quick links to most recent subjects and some random subjects.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

We now have 3180 identifiers in 23 feeds and we and others are adding to this all the time.

More stuff to come…