A new hotfix package is available for version 3.1 of the TMCore SharePoint Module. This package addresses a number of bugs and performance issues. The full change list can be found below.

Systems Affected

This hotfix should be applied to any installation of the TMCore SharePoint Module 3.1 downloaded before 21st July 2009. If you downloaded your copy of the software from our site on or after this date, the hotfix is included in the package and you do not need to apply it again.

To determine if your system is affected, check the File Version property of the assembly NetworkedPlanet.SharePoint in the GAC (browse to C:WindowsASSEMBLY, locate the NetworkedPlanet.SharePoint assembly, right-click and choose Properties. The File Version can be found on the Version tab above Description and Copyright). This hotfix updates the File Version of the NetworkedPlanet.SharePoint assembly to - if the file version shown is greater than or equal to, then you do not need to apply this hotfix.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Download the Hotfix2 package.

  2. The package is provided in a compressed ZIP file. Unzip the package on a machine in the server farm.

  3. Upgrade Enterprise Serivices to Enterprise Services included in the zip file.

  4. Upgrade the NPSharePoint.wsp solution. The exact command-line you use will depend on how you want to schedule the upgrade, but will be similar to:

stsadm -o upgradesolution -name NPSharePoint.wsp -filename NPSharePoint.wsp -allowgacdeployment -allowcaspolicies -local

  1. Upgrade the NPOfficeServer.wsp solution. Use the following STSADM command:

stsadm -o upgradesolution -name NPOfficeServer.wsp -filename NPOfficeServer.wsp -allowgacdeployment -allowcaspolicies -local

  1. Force resource file deployment by using the following STSADM command:

stsadm -o copyappbincontent

  1. Restart IIS and Windows SharePoint Services Timer

  2. Deactivate and reactivate the NPClassification feature on all content urls that use the feature.

Change Log

  • BUGFIX: RelatedTopicLinkField and RelatedTopicNameField first save fix (values were only saving when an item was updated). NPClassification feature must be reactivated for this fix to take effect.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an error in ContentTypeCreator.exe that caused feature generation to fail when a SUBCLASS topic type mapping.
  • ENHANCEMENT: This Hotfix now includes the updated Enterprise Services version
  • ENHANCEMENT: The npspc.resx resource file has been extended to allow translation for all custom properties on NetworkedPlanet SharePoint module Web Parts, custom controls and pages.
  • FEATURE: A configurable property has been to XSLT based web parts to enable processing of XSLT scripts.
  • FEATURE: XSLT based Web Parts now have a new custom property of Max Retries which allow the Site Administrator to set how many times the Web Part should attempt to retrieve the Context Topic for the Web Part before showing an error message. The One Hop and Two Hop Web Parts allow the error message to be configurable through a custom property on the Web Part itself rather than using the default message set in the NetworkedPlanet resource file.
  • FEATURE: Added support for setting the site topic map through the Feature.xml file. Add the properties shown below to the Properties section of the Feature.xml generated by the NPCL Schema Extensions Editor. <Properties> <Property Key="TopicMap" Value="simpleorg" /> <Property Key="PropagateTopicMap" Value="false" /> </Properties> The second property, PropagateTopicMap is optional. When it is not present PropagateTopicMap is set to true and therefore all sub-sites are also set to the specified topic map.
  • BUGFIX: Changed stsadm remapurls command so that the content type mappings are also updated based on the rules set out in NPUrlMap.xml config file.
  • BUGFIX: The Topic Type Mapping page on a content type and the Content Type To Topic Types Mapping Page in site settings now show an error and disable use of the page when the occurrence type for content type mapping is not found. Message is to import the XTM file shipped with the SharePoint Module that contains the types needed.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug that was caused by trying to add a site column of type Related Topic Name field or Related Topic Link field before any Related Topics fields had been added to the site's fields collection.
  • BUGFIX: The interface for adding a new Related Topics field to a content type has been updated so that it now allows the creation of Related Topics fields for associations whose schema consists of a single role type that is allowed twice (i.e. with a single association role constraint with minimum and maximum cardinality set to 2).
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a rendering error of related topics fields when shown with a SharePoint column description. Description now shows on new line.
  • BUGFIX: Replaced missing images in the NPCL Schema Editor Extensions documentation.
  • BUGFIX: Added paths for Windows Server 2008 in NPCL Schema Editor Extensions documentation
  • BUGFIX: Fixed an bug in the ContentTypeCreator command that caused an exception when generating a feature from a schema that required the use of a Topic Type Selector field.
  • BUGFIX: TopicID property was throwing an exception on sealed classes when language was not EN.
  • BUGFIX: Paged Faceted Search Results Web Part was showing paging information but no result set. Paging information is now filtered so that if empty records are returned from Enterprise Services they do not affect the paging labels.
  • BUGFIX: Documentation updates for the Administrators, Site Developers and Web Parts Guides.
  • BUGFIX: Console output of loggers were showing the full trace category rather than the specific trace category name.