About Us

Founded in 2004, NetworkedPlanet was established to develop Semantic Web software with a focus on helping businesses to manage and publish domain knowledge and content.

We have a variety of technical solutions, libraries and toolkits as well as building bespoke software for clients. Wherever possible we try to open-source our tech or offer it for free. For businesses who would like to use open-source software but require the peace of mind that comes with a support and maintenance contract, we offer technical support contracts specifically for those products.

We also offer consultancy on projects of all sizes, and training for those working with or about to work with Linked Data. We offer a reduced day rate for not-for-profit organisations and charities.

Our History

  • Preview release of DataDock goes live - a free, cloud-based, standards-compliant, open data publishing platform.
  • Addition of professional programme evaluation services to bridge the knowledge gap between the tech and social service providing worlds.
  • LevelUp - a free service for converting CSV to RDF is released.
  • NetworkedPlanet announces Data Platform 1.0 - a complete solution for creating a data publishing website.
  • BrightstarDB source code released as open-source under the MIT license.
  • BrightstarDB, a native .NET RDF triple store is first released.
  • TMCore is powering 40 sites across Europe including the International Olympics Committee, the Peace Research Institute Oslo, and the Norwegian Post Office.
  • Integrations with EPiServer CMS and Microsoft SharePoint are released, extending TMCore's capability to effectively manage the classification of content on both intranet and public-facing websites.
  • Our first product, TMCore is released, providing a suite of tools for creating and managing domain knowledge models.
  • NetworkedPlanet was established to develop Semantic Web software with a focus on helping businesses to manage domain knowledge and content.


Whether you're a project manager, business development, developer, data scientist or maybe a visualisations geek; if you've got experience working with Linked Data in any size project, from community projects to large scale enterprise solutions, we'd like to hear from you. Send an email introducing yourself and include your CV to contact@networkedplanet.com (no agencies)