Data Protection

Data we hold and why

NetworkedPlanet occasionally collects personal data for the following reasons:

  • a technical support relationship
  • the mailing list for the NetworkedPlanet newsletter
  • training courses and events

Any data we collect must include a way of identifying you to us so that we are able to remove your data if you ask us to do that. We also take a note of the date and time at which you provide the data, for auditing purposes in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Do we share it with others?

We will not sell your email address. We will not give your email address away.

Your right to access the data you provided

You can at any time contact us to ask us whether data you provided is being processed, where and for what purpose. If you request it, we can send you a copy of any data you provided to us - we shall send it in a electronic format to the email address you provided when you gave us the data.

Your right to remove your data

This is also known as your "Right to be forgotten" or "Data Erasure". You can at any time contact us to ask us to remove the data you provided. When we receive a Data Erasure request, we will immediately cease any further dissemination of the data, and erase it. We will email confirmation to the email address you provided when your data was entered.