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Free Version Available
Data Dock logo - a green hexagon with a blue and white hexagonal pattern inside giving the impression of an open book and/or two back-to-back letter Ds
#OpenData #LinkedData #PublishingPlatform #DataPortal
DataDock is a free open data publishing service that automates the creation of an open data portal in a matter of minutes.

Using GitHub to host the raw data and static web pages, DataDock comes with a set of features that puts paid-for open data publishing platforms to shame.
Open Source
dot Net RDF logo - three dark blue dots joined by lines
#dotNet #RDF #library
dotNetRDF is...
  • A complete library for parsing, managing, querying and writing RDF.
  • A common .NET API for working with RDF triple stores such as AllegroGraph, Jena, Stardog and Virtuoso.
  • A suite of command-line and GUI tools for working with RDF under Windows
Open Source
Bright star DB logo - a lower case b in black with an orange star to the upper-right
#RDF #tripleStore #sparql #noSQLdatabase #dotNet
BrightstarDB is...
  • an RDF triple store with advanced NoSQL features for .NET developers
  • Cross-platform - on Windows, Linux, OSX, Windows Phone, Android and iOS, with a single consistent data file format across all platforms.
  • embeddable inside your application or available as a server
#TopicMaps #Toolkit #EnterpriseKnowledgeManagement
TMCore is the premiere toolkit for developers on .NET looking to harness the full power of Topic Maps in their applications. Built from the ground-up using .NET technologies, TMCore provides a flexible set of APIs and builds on the robustness, scalability, performance of Microsoft's SQL Server.
TMCore SharePoint Module
#TopicMaps #TMCore #SharePoint #Intranet
Networked Planet's TMCore SharePoint Module integrates concept-based classification into a Microsoft SharePoint site or portal. The module enables organisations to model their business and use that model to organise and find content in SharePoint.
TMCore EPiServer Module
#TopicMaps #TMCore #EPiServer #Intranet
The TMCore EPiServer Module adds concept-based findability and navigation to the award-winning EPiServer Web Content Management System.
#EPiServer #FullText #Search #Indexing
EasySearch is a powerful, simple to configure, search engine for the EPiServer content management system. It supports full text indexing of pages and files based on EPiServer events. Further, it provides facilities to developers to refine the indexes that are created to provide the best possible search experience for the customer.

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