Open Source projects

We use, develop and contribute to open source projects. We believe that the use of open source code in our projects gives our clients greater freedom of choice in their development partners while at the same time having the reassurance of our in-depth knowledge of and professional support for those products.

Both of these products are free and licensed under a permissive MIT open-source license, allowing them to be used in commercial and open-source applications alike. Community support is available via the projects’ respective GitHub issue trackers and commercial support is available from Networked Planet.


dotNetRDF is…

Go to the dotNetRDF website.


BrightstarDB is…

Go to the BrightstarDB website.

For businesses who would like to use open-source software but require the peace of mind that comes with a support and maintenance contract, we offer technical support contracts specifically for dotNetRDF and BrightstarDB.