NetworkedPlanet launches major new enterprise-wide knowledge and information management solution

  • TMCore07 ensures information workers can find, access and organise data from disparate business systems
  • Compatible with .NET platforms, SharePoint and EPiServer products.
  • Enables the Norwegian Department of Education to put its curriculum on the internet to show parents what their children are learning

NetworkedPlanet, the leading vendor of information management tools and products, has launched TMCore07, a major new enterprise-wide knowledge and information management solution. For the first time, TMCore07 allows organisations, such as those in finance and public sectors, to instantly find, access and organise business-critical data from multiple systems or information silos and deliver it to employees via an integrated knowledge network. The solution rapidly gives information workers the relevant data and documents they need to make better business decisions and ensures they can share insights and knowledge across the enterprise.

TMCore07 is fully compatible with a range of web-service interfaces, and integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and EPiServer products. Available from just £3,000, it provides organisations with a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for business systems integration, web content management, and intranet-based knowledge management.

Our new TMCore07 solution builds upon the success of previous versions to deliver a solution that addresses the knowledge and information management needs of a wide range of organisations, with the added flexibility that gives them greater scope to develop processes as the need arises,

The solution loosely couples with existing systems, so there is no invasion of established infrastructure and it enables users to pull information from any silo within the framework of the implementation.

What is more relevant for a growing number of organisations though is the linkage of information between the silos, which gives users a unique data-driven, goal-oriented approach to finding relevant information. For example, the Norwegian Department of Education have put the entire content of their national curriculum onto the internet. TMCore07 on EPiServer allows parents to search the entire content anywhere in the country to see what their children are learning.

Kal Ahmed, Founder, NetworkedPlanet.

The TMCore07 solution tags key documents and information by user-selected topics and couples them with other material on the basis of specific relationships. This provides the user with a quick and direct way to locate and present previously inaccessible data as a single layer of information, regardless of the scale of the search.

TMCore is NetworkedPlanet's server platform for developing enterprise-scale knowledge and information management applications. The TMCore server stores information about any kind of "topic" - employees, departments, services, documents etc. Each topic holds information about itself, links to related documents and can also be connected to any other topic creating a knowledge web of relationships and information resources that can be browsed or searched by end-users.