Over the last year and a half, the founders of NetworkedPlanet worked together on building BrightstarDB, a unique native .NET triple store with support for MVC application models and LINQ. BrightstarDB was released a couple of months ago as an open-source project on GitHub where we continue to work on extending and improving it. We hope that being open-source with a very permissive MIT license will enable .NET developers to experiment with and use BrightstarDB in all sorts of projects, large and small. However, we realize that for some projects the lack of commercial support for a component such as BrightstarDB can be a deal-breaker.

So from today we are happy to announce that NetworkedPlanet will provide commercial support contracts for BrightstarDB. Our support contract provides you (or your customer) with direct email support from developers working on the BrightstarDB code base. We can provide priority bug-fixes, patches and even feature enhancements for commercial support customers. A commercial support contract also helps to directly fund our work on BrightstarDB.

In addition to support we are happy to offer training and consultancy around BrightstarDB and the technologies it supports. Many .NET developers are still unaware of RDF and Linked Data and we provide training courses and materials specifically in these areas and are happy to tailor training courses to your specific requirements.

For more information about our offerings, please email us at contact@networkedplanet.com.