We are pleased to announce our first training webinar, “Introduction to RDF and SPARQL”. As the name suggests, this is a short (1 hour) introduction to the fundamental technologies behind Linked Open Data. RDF is the defacto standard format for publishing Linked Data and SPARQL is the primary query language used with RDF data. The webinar aims to give you an overview of the basic principles behind RDF and SPARQL to kickstart your learning about these technologies.

The webinar will be presented by Kal Ahmed who in addition to being the founder of NetworkedPlanet is also the lead developer of BrightstarDB.

This webinar is FREE, but places are limited.

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We plan to follow this webinar up with others looking at Linked Data and Linked Open Data; BrightstarDB; and the [Data Platform] (http://dataplatform.co.uk/). If you would like to get a heads-up on these future webinars when they are announced, follow us on Twitter or sign-up for the NetworkedPlanet Newsletter.