We are pleased to announce our second series of training webinars. Following on from the couple of successful webinars we presented last year, Season 2 of the NetworkedPlanet webinars is now three episodes long.

In the Introduction to RDF and SPARQL (4th Feb, 14:00-15:00 GMT) you will learn the technical fundamentals of linked open data. This presentation focusses on the technical details of what exactly RDF is and how the SPARQL language allows you to query RDF data.

The Introduction to Linked Data (18th Feb, 14:00-15:00 GMT) is a (mostly) non-technical presentation focussed on the what and why of Linked Data - what is Linked Data, what are the benefits of publishing and using Linked Data, what are the steps to take in publishing your own Linked Data either internally or externally.
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The SPARQL 101 webinar (10th March, 14:00-15:00 GMT) focusses on the SPARQL query language for RDF. Building on what was learnt in the introduction webinar, this webinar goes into more detail about the query language and shows some examples of how to use SPARQL to explore datasets, extract salient information from them and create reports by aggregating data.
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All of these webinars will be an hour long, with about 45-50 minutes of presentation followed by some time for questions afterwards. The webinars will be presented by Kal Ahmed who in addition to being the founder of NetworkedPlanet is also the lead developer of BrightstarDB.

These webinars are FREE to attend, but places are limited - so be sure to register using the links above to assure your place!

We are already planning Season 3 with possible additional episodes covering things such as BrightstarDB; and the Data Platform. If you would like to get a heads-up on these future webinars when they are announced, follow us on Twitter or sign-up for the NetworkedPlanet Newsletter.