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By providing a viable alternative to the standard internet business model based on monopoly and extraction, platform cooperatives provide a template for a new type of organisation – forming the building blocks for a new economy.

I’m very much looking forward to Open:2017 which is being held tomorrow and Friday at Goldsmiths in South London. The subjects of the various sessions looks so interesting I think I’ll find it difficult to choose what to attend!

I’m on a few of the panels, so at least I know a few of the subjects that I’ll get to participate in discussions about. I was very happy to hear from the organisers that they are fighting hard to avoid “Death By Powerpoint”, so expect panels and discussions and audience discussion instead of a single person droning on at you for an hour.

My sessions are:

From data slaves to data citizens

Thursday 4:15pm

Linked open data for the solidarity economy

Friday 11:20am

Working session: Designing interoperable apps for the open app ecosystem

Friday 2pm

If you want to know more, this blogpost introducing the concept of platform cooperatives is a great starting point, and you can see the full programme here.