Linked Data Consultancy

Our consultancy focuses on three main areas:

Data Strategy

Effective Linked Data publishing cannot take place in isolation. Rather it should be part of an overall data strategy. We can help you identify where and how Linked Data can be used to improve your business processes and outcomes. We can also help you to articulate the business case for Linked Data to key stakeholders.

Data Modelling

One critical success factor for Linked Data publishing is to get an effective data model in place. A good data model is one that meets the immediate needs of the data consumers while also having enough flexibility to support later extension and refinement. We work with your domain experts to analyze the data sources you wish to publish and then to build a model that best connects that data together.

Data Quality, Interoperability and Governance

Our consultants will work with you to analyze your existing data to ensure that the data you publish is of high quality and converted to a consistent form of Linked Data. We use our background knowledge of existing Linked Data vocabularies and standards to help you maximize interoperability between datasets. We can also help you to establish data governance mechanisms that define your data lifecycle and to ensure that high quality data exists at every step throughout that lifecycle, from collection to publication.

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