Open Source

We use, develop and contribute to open source projects. We believe that the use of open source code in our projects gives our clients greater freedom of choice in their development partners while at the same time having the reassurance of our in-depth knowledge of and professional support for those products.


NetworkedPlanet has always been focussed on developing software solutions that are built on international standards from organisations such as ISO and W3C. These world-wide, non-proprietary standards give the greatest assurance of interoperability and data portability.

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Data Platform

Networked Planet’s Data Platform offers an easy-to-use web platform for organisations of any size to publish data for use on the Semantic Web.

Using existing Semantic Web standards, the Data Platform makes it simple to manage and host your data and provides a themeable interface for users for browsing hosted datasets.

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BrightstarDB is a native .NET RDF triple store with some unique features that make it the ideal platform for developing both Linked Data applications and generic applications that require a flexible schema-free approach to storage in a .NET environment. BrightstarDB was created by the founders of NetworkedPlanet and is now an open-source project.

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An Open Source .Net Library using the latest versions of the .Net Framework to provide a powerful and easy to use API for working with RDF, SPARQL and the Semantic Web.

The project is also supported by a variety of active community members who provide valuable patches, ports, testing and other input to the project.

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