We are pleased to announce the availaility of TMCore EPiServer Module 3.0 Alpha, compatible with EPiServer CMS v5 RC3.

Networked Planet are committed to ongoing support of new 3rd party product versions, exploiting new features to enable more powerful solutions.

There is some further technical information here.

New features

This alpha has enhancements to the topic pickers, improved schema performance and Firefox 2.x support. However, we are currently considering new value added features to add to the product before the final release. Here are some of the things we are considering:

  • Topic auto-suggest feature - using analysis of the text to suggest topics to connect to.
  • Treating documents in EPiServer CMS as topics and allowing them to be associated with page topics.
  • Social book marking extension - allowing end users to create their own topics / tags and use them to organise episerver content
  • Faceted Search interface - a powerful control for slicing and dicing through content.
  • Forms based query builder - a web control for building topic map queries.

If there are other things you would like us to consider please email contact@networkedplanet.com.

Release plan

We will develop and test a set of features inline with the EPiServer RC's and intend to release TMCore EPiServer Module 3.0 shortly after EPiServer CMS 5.0 final is released