We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.0 of the NetworkedPlanet NPCL Schema Editor and NPCL Tools for Visual Studio.

The NPCL Schema Editor is a graphical editor that runs inside Visual Studio and provides developers with a drag-and-drop interface for creating topic map ontologies expressed in NetworkedPlanet’s NPCL format, the format used by the EPiServer Module and SharePoint Module as well as other NetworkedPlanet tools.

The NPCL Tools for Visual Studio provides a bundle of new features to make it easier to work with NPCL files in Visual Studio. The current set of tools are:

  • An MSBuild task for compiling multiple NPCL files into a single NPCL file for easy deployment;
  • An MSBuild task for generating HTML documentation from an NPCL file;
  • An NPCL Schema Editor extension that allows developers to add text and HTML documentation to the items in an NPCL schema;
  • A Visual Studio project template for an NPCL Schema project that uses the MSBuild tasks to create a Visual Studio project for creating a large NPCL schema as a set of smaller, more easily managed NPCL files.

Most importantly of all, this new release is built on Visual Studio 2008.

As with previous releases, the NPCL Schema Editor and Tools for Visual Studio are provided free of charge and the latest version can be downloaded here.