Jen Williams

Girl Geeks Dinners are monthly events where (predominantly) women meet to network and watch talks over a huge range of tech subjects. When thinking about the best way to present a talk on linked (and open) data, the first thing I thought about was that to do a technical explanation would already be too bamboozling for a mixed crowd. What I needed was to do something more along the lines of our World of Linked Open Data video. With that in mind, I decided that rather than do a whole hour on the tech of linked and open data, I’d ask along some local data heroes. After first doing a #101 style talk about what linked and open data is, I’ll introduce Martha King, who’s doing incredibly interesting work at Knowle West Media centre. There they have been investigating how tech and data can improve the lives of those who live here in Bristol by making use of sensor technology. Finishing up the talks will be Katherine Rooney, project manager for the open data efforts of Connecting Bristol at Bristol City Council. She’ll be talking about the various projects that are already going on in Bristol and also explaining what the local ODI Node is doing and how to get involved.

After the talks (each only around 15 mins), we’ll have space for a Q&A session before the usual community notices and chatting.

All the details you need are on the Bristol Girl Geeks’ website and you can sign up (spaces are limited) on BGGD