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Many who work in technology are aware of the untapped potential of data to increase the impact of the charity sector. Those who work in voluntary organisations could benefit from this knowledge but are often restricted by resources in what they can achieve.

The ODI Bristol and Voscur have joined forces to run a workshop to bridge this gap.

We’re very proud to be sponsoring this event so that these very important conversations can happen!

The afternoon workshop will be taking place on 1pm on Thursday 13th October at Hamilton House on Stokes Croft, Bristol.

Recently, the Nominet Trust published an in-depth review on “Open Data and Charities”, setting out to explain the ways in which open data is increasingly coming in to play a role in the charitable sector:

Existing open government data can be used by charities to add value to their work, to target services better, to improve advocacy and fundraising, and to support knowledge sharing and collaboration between different charities and agencies. Crowdsourcing of open data also offers a new way for charities to gather intelligence, and a wide range of freely available online tools can support charities to analyse open data resources. Realising the potential of open data will require charities to meet a number of technical and organisational challenges. Indeed many charities will need to address key issues relating to open data, whether they choose to pursue benefits from open data or not.

Overcoming the challenges faced by resource-restricted organisations is one of our main concerns at Networked Planet, and we believe that to effectively do this the direction must be set by those who are working in the field. We feel that conversations that start from the ground-up are extremely important in the ongoing conversation about furthering the impact of open data, and are happy to be supporting this event both as a sponsor and also the facilitation of the workshop through Jen’s work in the ODI Bristol steering group.