Recent Posts Beta 2 Released

03 Jul 2009

We have just refreshed with Beta 2. We have tried to incorporate the feedback we have had as well as adding some things we think are useful. The highlights are:

Sharepoint Module - Adding Related Topic Name fields programmatically

02 Jul 2009

Related Topic Name and Related Topic Link Fields are custom fields which you may want to add to the site columns collection programmatically. However SharePoint sometimes returns exceptions when trying to use SPFieldCollection.CreateNewField(), the code below shows how to use an feature receiver to create the custom fields programmatically and add them to the site columns.

A small useful ontology and what it tells us about Web3

29 Jun 2009

Implementing Topic Maps solutions for a variety of people we see many ontologies (information models, domain models, schemas) being used. Out of this we have tried to understand how different approaches are useful for different kinds of customers.

EPiServer Module Released

12 Jun 2009

TMCore EPiServer Module has now been released. This update fixes a number of cosmetic and compatibility issues when using the Topic Map interface under non-IE web browsers. Support for both Firefox and Chrome web browsers, as well as the newly released Internet Explorer 8 has been tested.

Article (in german) about the TM based EGovShare Protocol

04 Jun 2009

Marc Kuster pointed me at a very positive article about the EGovShare protocol developed as part of a CEN work activity.

Cool post about using EasySearch to do structured Search

03 Jun 2009

This post by Andreas gives a great demonstration and insight into how the EasySearch engine can be used to provide high performance structured search over EPiServer pages.