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Enterprise Services 1.1 Released

19 May 2009

We have just made a new version of Enterprise Services available for download. This release fixes a bug with the indexing of hierarchies where one topic has multiple parents in the same hierarchy. There are no compatibility issues with version 1.0 of Enterprise Services and so this is a recommended upgrade for all users of Enterprise Services 1.0. Released

14 May 2009

Today we are proud to have launched Subj3ct.

EPiServer Module Released

31 Mar 2009

EPiServer Module has now been released. This update addresses an issue whereby registering events with SchemaJSON were not being fired correctly. Registering events with SchemaJSON now requires that after the event is registered FlushSchema() is called so that the event is properly registered.

EPiServer Module Released

30 Mar 2009

EPiServer Module has now been released.

Updated SharePoint Module Extensions for NPCL Editor

26 Mar 2009

Today we have released a compatibility upgrade for the SharePoint Module extensions for the NPCL Schema Editor.