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Proudly sponsoring - How can public data and information support Bristol charities?

19 Sep 2016

The ODI Bristol and Voscur are running a workshop for voluntary organisations and you should go!

Bristol GGD Talk - June 22nd

18 May 2016

Bristol GGD are a social and networking group for women who are interested in science, technology, engineering and other geeky things.

Open Data Camp 3 - Bristol fashion

17 May 2016

ODCamp3 brought all the open data enthusiasts to Bristol's sunny harbourside this weekend, we went along as sponsor, organiser, volunteer and attendee.

Newsletter Issue 3 hits the inboxes

29 Mar 2016

Open Data Camp the third, beginner guides to RDF and Linked Data, open data in charities and more.

Open data feedback at work!

01 Mar 2016

Shout out to the London Datastore and their super fast fix to an error that was spotted in their data

Linked Data 101 - Querying data with SPARQL

29 Feb 2016

In the fourth part of our Linked Data 101 series we'll have a quick look what queries look like.