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Linked Data - a short presentation

23 Feb 2016

The slides and notes from a short presentation introducing the theory of why we would use linked data.

Linked Data 101 - Making data linkable - tutorial

18 Feb 2016

A walk-through in using our Level Up converter to go from 3-star to 4-star data using the theory learnt in parts 1 and 2 of this series.

Linked Data 101 - What's a predicate?

17 Feb 2016

In the second of our Linked Data 101 series, we'll talk about predicates and how shared vocabularies make published data more reusable.

Linked Data 101 - What's with all the URIs?

16 Feb 2016

Let's take a look the first stumbling block that people hit when they first start looking at linked data - what's with all the URIs?!

Level Up Your Data!

15 Feb 2016

Looking for a way to see what your CSV files will look like as RDF? Look no further...

Don't Forget Metadata!

25 Jan 2016

When publishing your open data it can be easy to forget that for it to be useful it needs to be discoverable...