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DataDock and CSVW

01 Mar 2017

Getting into the technical breakdown of how DataDock works, first we'll take a look at its use of "CSV on the Web" (CSVW)

Connecting the dots in your data

01 Mar 2017

One of the benefits of having a deep-dive data portal is that you can connect your data together and enrich your data pages

Introducing DataDock

28 Feb 2017

Publishing good quality data has technical and financial hurdles, so we're releasing a free cloud-based data publishing platform to directly deal with these challenges

Co-operative Thinking

22 Feb 2017

The co-operative movement's ideology and approach to collaboration using digital technologies makes for a fertile ground for Linked Data standards.

Open 2017 Platform Co-operatives

15 Feb 2017

What part does data play in the collaborative economy? Jen is heading to London to take part in panels discussing topics such as this, at the UK's first conference focused on platform co-operatives and the collaborative economy.

Free Open Impact Evaluation Workshop

06 Feb 2017

Come and join us at Campus London for our first free Open Impact Evaluation Workshop for Charities, NFPs, and Social Enterprises