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Open Data Camp 4

30 Jan 2017

Looking forward to Open Data Camp 4, heading to Cardiff on February 25-26 2017.

The Way Ahead for London

14 Dec 2016

Building data infrastructures to help Civil Society organisations in London through co-production and "The Way Ahead"

5 Keys to a Successful Data Strategy for Charities

04 Nov 2016

Watch this free presentation on implementing a successful data strategy for charities, non-profits and social enterprises

Key Data Innovations to Ensure Your Organisation Survives and Thrives

24 Oct 2016

Sign up to learn about data protection and how to lead organisations toward better collection and use of data at our workshop on the 10th of November.

Measuring the Impact of Open Data

11 Oct 2016

Now that the open data landscape is taking shape, we must measure impact to ensure the most effective data publishing.

Partners Sought in Data-for-Good Project

21 Sep 2016

Launching a new series of tools to help find the solutions to the world’s problems