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TMCore EPiServer Module Update

01 Feb 2007

Thanks to excellent feedback from our partners and our continued QA processes we are pleased to announce the update of the TMCore EPiServer Module to version

TMCore07 SP1 Hotfix Now Available

17 Jan 2007

NetworkedPlanet today released a patch for TMCore07 SP1. This patch affects only the database scripts for TMCore07 and TMCore07 SP1, updating those scripts to fix an error found in the implementation of a few stored procedures.

TMCore SharePoint Module 2.0 Beta 1 Now Available

16 Jan 2007

The TMCore SharePoint Module is an integration between Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and the TMCore Information Server that allows SharePoint users to quickly and easily organise content in a SharePoint site using a topic map ontology defined and managed separately by a librarian or systems administrator.

Simple Thesaurus Ontology 1.0

16 Jan 2007

This ontology provides a simple concept-based thesaurus structure for use in your projects. The ontology implements most of the Topic Per Concept Thesaurus Pattern described in the Techquila article on Topic Maps Design Patterns.

Simple Organisation Ontology 1.0

15 Jan 2007

The Simple Organisation Ontology is a starter ontology designed to allow you to learn more about how NPCL works and to use as a starter for your own projects. The ontology has been designed around a simple intranet application. The ontology records the following topic types:

NPCL Base Topic Map

15 Jan 2007

NPCL is the Networked Planet Constraint Language, a simple model for defining constraints on a topic map such as the topics that can be used as topic, association, role and occurrence types; what occurrence types a topic type allows, how topics can be combined in associations and so on. You can read more about NPCL here.