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EPiServer Module Released

29 Sep 2009

TMCore EPiServer Module has now been released. This update addresses these issues;

Enterprise Services Hotfix 1 released

17 Sep 2009

We have just released a new version of Enterprise Services available for download. This release fixes a bug with faceted searches returning all results regardless of a blank topic restriction set being passed to the controller.

SharePoint Module 3.1 Hotfix 3 now available

14 Sep 2009

A new hotfix package is available for version 3.1 of the TMCore SharePoint Module. This package addresses a small number of bugs and provides new features. The full change list can be found below.

TMCore07 SP4 Released

31 Jul 2009

NetworkedPlanet today announces the release of latest version of the TMCore topic map engine. TMCore is the premiere toolkit for developers on .NET looking to harness the full power of Topic Maps in their applications. Built from the ground-up using .NET technologies, TMCore provides a flexible set of APIs and builds on the robustness, scalability, performance of Microsoft’s SQL Server.

Implementing Topic Maps Content Management Integration using Atom and Live Mesh

28 Jul 2009

One of the most common scenarios for Topic Maps is to use them as the primary paradigm for organising, classifying and finding content in a content management system. The basic strategy involved in these integrations is to create topics for each content item in the CMS and then associate the content topics to other topics in the the topic map. We call this process ‘content item proxification and classification’. This builds up a nice graph that can then be exploited in search and navigation controls either within the CMS or as part of some other publishing process.