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Don't Forget Metadata!

25 Jan 2016

When publishing your open data it can be easy to forget that for it to be useful it needs to be discoverable...

Newsletter Issue 2 out now!

19 Jan 2016

Our animated Open Data video, webinars, a funky CSV converter, new releases and more.

NetworkedPlanet Webinars

18 Jan 2016

We are offering a series of FREE 1 hour webinar on Linked Data and related topics. Read on for details and the sign-up links!

Closed / Shared / Open

18 Jan 2016

While we are great fans of Open Data, it is just one part of a spectrum from data that needs to be kept secure (such as personal information) through data that is shared between partner organisations all the way to data that is made available to all to use and reuse.


16 Oct 2015

The CONSTRUCT form of SPARQL is a really useful when working with large RDF datasets as it makes it easy to pull out a small graph that you can then work on locally. This post goes through the basics of using SPARQL CONSTRUCT and shows some "stupid SPARQL tricks" you can achieve with CONSTRUCT.

Open Data Camp 2

13 Oct 2015

Highlights from the second ODCamp UK - held in Manchester on 9-10 October.