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Linked Data 101 - Querying data with SPARQL

29 Feb 2016

In the fourth part of our Linked Data 101 series we'll have a quick look what queries look like.

Linked Data - a short presentation

23 Feb 2016

The slides and notes from a short presentation introducing the theory of why we would use linked data.

Linked Data 101 - Making data linkable - tutorial

18 Feb 2016

A walk-through in using our Level Up converter to go from 3-star to 4-star data using the theory learnt in parts 1 and 2 of this series.

Linked Data 101 - What's a predicate?

17 Feb 2016

In the second of our Linked Data 101 series, we'll talk about predicates and how shared vocabularies make published data more reusable.

Linked Data 101 - What's with all the URIs?

16 Feb 2016

Let's take a look the first stumbling block that people hit when they first start looking at linked data - what's with all the URIs?!

Level Up Your Data!

15 Feb 2016

Looking for a way to see what your CSV files will look like as RDF? Look no further...