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ViewState MAC Validation errors in TMEditor

23 Nov 2007

ViewState MAC Validation errors in TMEditor

Networked Planet releases TMCore EPiServer Module v2.1

16 Nov 2007

TMCore EPiServer Module v2.1 Released

TMCore Powers a New Way to Explore Film

25 Sep 2007

Indiepix launches world’s largest collection of downloadable independent films

SharePoint Module Related Topics Fields display "#VERDI!"

31 Aug 2007

This note applies to version 2.0 of the TMCore SharePoint Module.

Ontology-driven Application Design with the NPCL Schema Editor

14 Aug 2007

With the new release of the NPCL Schema Editor, the focus of our developer tool set is now moving around to ontology-driven application design. This post is to explain a little more about what that concept involves and how we think it can provide real benefit to system architects and developers alike.

NetworkedPlanet Announce Visual Topic Map Schema Editor

14 Aug 2007

NetworkedPlanet have today released the first version of the NPCL Schema Editor for Visual Studio 2005. This freely-downloadable add-in for Microsoft’s Visual Studio product provides developers and information architects with a graphical tool for defining a topic map schema (often also referred to as an ontology) using the Networked Planet Constraint Language (NPCL).