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Simple Organisation Ontology 1.0

15 Jan 2007

The Simple Organisation Ontology is a starter ontology designed to allow you to learn more about how NPCL works and to use as a starter for your own projects. The ontology has been designed around a simple intranet application. The ontology records the following topic types:

NPCL Base Topic Map

15 Jan 2007

NPCL is the Networked Planet Constraint Language, a simple model for defining constraints on a topic map such as the topics that can be used as topic, association, role and occurrence types; what occurrence types a topic type allows, how topics can be combined in associations and so on. You can read more about NPCL here.

About The Ontology Library

15 Jan 2007

The NetworkedPlanet ontology library has been set up to provide you with sample and starter ontologies to learn from and to use in your own topic map projects. Although it is currently quite small, we will be adding to this library over time.

Topic Maps, SharePoint and EPiServer as an Enterprise Information Integration and Delivery Platform

11 Jan 2007

Us Topic Mappers know the power of the paradigm - we can envision how the generic data model of topics maps combined with its robust treatment of identity can be used as the basis for powerful information integration solutions. However, thus far most people have seen topic maps exposed as part of a web content management system or as part of a stand alone portal.

Opening downloaded help (.chm) files

09 Jan 2007

We have noticed that when downloading the TMCore EPiServer Module it is sometimes the case that the help file, .chm file does not open correctly. This article explains why, and how to fix it.

Additional information about upgrading to the TMCore EPiServer 2.0 Module

09 Jan 2007

A number of projects are using a Release Candidate or Beta release of the EPiServer Module 2.0. With the final release now public here are a few additional pieces of information: