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Introducing DataDock

28 Feb 2017

Publishing good quality data has technical and financial hurdles, so we're releasing a free cloud-based data publishing platform to directly deal with these challenges

Co-operative Thinking

22 Feb 2017

The co-operative movement's ideology and approach to collaboration using digital technologies makes for a fertile ground for Linked Data standards.

Open 2017 Platform Co-operatives

15 Feb 2017

What part does data play in the collaborative economy? Jen is heading to London to take part in panels discussing topics such as this, at the UK's first conference focused on platform co-operatives and the collaborative economy.

Open Data Camp 4

30 Jan 2017

Looking forward to Open Data Camp 4, heading to Cardiff on February 25-26 2017.

The Way Ahead for London

14 Dec 2016

Building data infrastructures to help Civil Society organisations in London through co-production and "The Way Ahead"

5 Keys to a Successful Data Strategy for Charities

04 Nov 2016

Watch this free presentation on implementing a successful data strategy for charities, non-profits and social enterprises