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We are now part of the Open Data Institute member network

15 Jul 2015

It goes without saying that we are huge supporters of the Open Data Institute (ODI), but from today we are now official supporters of the ODI as part of their members network.

Turning flat data into semantic data with Open Refine and the RDF extension

13 Jul 2015

Most of the data that organisations hold will be in some form of flat data, either in spreadsheets or relational databases. In order for the data to achieve either 4 or 5 star levels of Open Data, this data must be changed to not only use non-proprietary formats but it must also use URIs so that each object can be linked with other data across the World Wide Web.

Introducing the Data Platform

08 Jul 2015

At NetworkedPlanet we've been specialising in developing systems that help organisations classify and organise their content for over ten years. The Data Platform brings our experience and insight to a product designed to help organisations of all sizes publish Linked Data.

Concepts For EPiServer 1.1.7 Released

20 Apr 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.7 of our Concepts for EPiServer product.This is a bug-fix release that addresses an issue with using Concepts for EPiServer from the Chrome web browser in which the browser fails to load pages in the editor interface with the message ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING.

Open Data Musings

18 Mar 2015

Recently I’ve been chatting to a lot of different people about the benefits of Open Data. One question that seems to crop up again and again is simply why open up the data they have collected to publish on the web?

TMCore and EPiServer Module Updates

02 Dec 2014

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of new releases of TMCore07 and the TMCore EPiServer Module.