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EPiServer Module Released

30 Mar 2009

EPiServer Module has now been released.

Updated SharePoint Module Extensions for NPCL Editor

26 Mar 2009

Today we have released a compatibility upgrade for the SharePoint Module extensions for the NPCL Schema Editor.

A Vision for a Topic Maps World

20 Mar 2009

Yesterday at the Topic Maps 2009 conference in Oslo I gave a presentation called ‘A Vision for a Topic Maps World’. In this presentation I summarised some of the key successes of Topic Maps and then looked forward to how Topic Maps can work on a more global scale.

NPCL Schema Editor for Visual Studio 2008

05 Mar 2009

We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.0 of the NetworkedPlanet NPCL Schema Editor and NPCL Tools for Visual Studio.

Enterprise Services Known Issue - Topic Map Index fails to start with error 1075

02 Mar 2009

A couple of customers have reported an error when starting up the Topic Map Index Service installed by the Enterprise Services 1.0 installer. When trying to start the service, the user will see a dialog displaying a message like: