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TMCore EPiServer Module v2.0 Released

08 Jan 2007

TMCore EPiServer Module v2.0 Released

EPiServerModule 2.0 Changes - GUID vs. Page ID

08 Jan 2007

In the latest version of the Networked Planet TMCore EPiServer Module (henceforth TEM); we moved away from the model of using EPiServer page IDs to instead use a dynamically generated GUID.

TMCore Configuration and Deployment on Windows 2003 Server for EPiServer Projects

18 Dec 2006

Many projects are developing solutions on XP and then deploying them onto Windows 2003 Server. To minimise the configuration issues here are a few suggestions:

NetworkedPlanet launches TMCore07

09 Oct 2006

NetworkedPlanet launches major new enterprise-wide knowledge and information

NetworkedPlanet at TMRA 2006

04 Oct 2006

Graham Moore, co-founder of NetworkedPlanet will be presenting a paper and a tutorial at this year’s Conference on Topic Map Research and Applications (TMRA) in Leipzig. TMRA has become the principle conference for topic map researchers and developers and Graham will be presenting his work on Topic Map Objects - a data-binding framework for topic maps. The tutorial will be on Topic Map Web Services.

Introducing TMCore07

30 Sep 2006